How to add Pods into Xcode project?

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Reading book is good practice, but it’s time to write several mini-tutorials on various problems, that I meet constantly. Today we will think about how to add Pods into your Xcode project.

CocaoPods (full name of “Pods”) is library manager for Xcode projects.

Lots of obj c and swift libraries can be installed using CocaoPods. It is very easy way of adding new library and it is definitely more accurate than copy-pasting source code of library. Lets see step by step how to add new Pod into your Xcode project.

Step 1

Create your Xcode project (File -> New -> Project). I chose “Single View Application”.

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Step 2

For example I want to add ImagePicker library. In main page of this library’s GitHub page I found that the name of Pod is “ImagePicker”.

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Step 3

Check whether CocoaPods installed on your computer. Run command on terminal:

pod --help

If you see instructions of using pod command (like on screenshot below), CocoaPods is installed.

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Otherwise you need to install it using command:

gem install cocoapods

Maybe you will be forced to use “sudo”: sudo gem install cocoapods.

Step 4

CocaPods installed. The next task is to prepare Podfile.

platform :ios, '10.0'
target 'InstallPodProject' do
    pod 'ImagePicker'

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Save this file as “Podfile” in root folder of your Xcode project. Replace “InstallPodProject” with the name of your project.

Step 5

It’s time to install Pod. Type in terminal:

pod install

You should see message of successful installing like this:

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.xcworkspace file will be generated.

Step 6

Use this library in project. Before doing this remember that you need to open .xcworkspace file, not .xcodeproj. In Xcode check that in Pods you have desired library.

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Build project (Cmd+R) to compile Pods. Import library in class you need and use this library.

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