Autobiographies: Lee Kuan Yew, Henry Ford, Dinmukhamed Konayev


These gentlemen solved big problems in sphere of their work.

From Third World to First: The Singapore Story by Lee Kuan Yew

After independence Singapore faced economic, ethnic, political and military problems. Country was poor, shortage of specialists was big, people were divided into groups according to nationality, bad relationship with neighbour countries, etc. There were dozens of problems. Main ally – Britain also had economic problems, so they couldn’t give full military support.

Book divided into chapters, where every chapter describes some sphere of work. Lee Kuan Yew tried to make good communication with every country leader he meet. He closely described person character he work with.

Prime-Minister Lee was not afraid to touch on sensitive issues. For example, he wrote bitterly that in early Singapore men rarely married women with higher education. He wrote a lot about family values. Maybe attention to such matters made Singapore the one of the most developed countries in the world in short period of time.

Lee wrote that political system that work well in Europe and USA cannot work good in Asian countries. The reason is difference in culture, history and people characters. So he wrote that for a while every country needs to follow own way, but after some time, when globalization made his work, there may be a political system, that can be suitable for every country.

The rules that made Singapore developed country, can also work for a person. These rules are strict discipline, economy and the constant search for new opportunities.


My Life and Work by Henry Ford

Autobiography of man, who build great company and invent efficient assembly line. In the days when he started constructing cars, only reach people can afford a car. Because car producers every time made a unique car for needs of a one client. Ford thought that actually most of buyers have similar needs and company can earn money by building thousands of cheap cars.

He describes that people need to think without frames. For example, he saw how agribusiness rely on people brute force, and he thought that simple mechanisms can make this business more effective.

This book describes how Ford made his business extremely effective. This book is very easy and interesting to read. He describe everything using simple strict logic.


About my time by Dinmukhamed Konayev

Konayev was head of Kazakh SSR (part of USSR) for 24 years (1960-1962, 1964-1986). During his administration industrial production of Kazakhstan raised 9 times and agriculture raised 6 times. He started as a metallurgy specialist and raised step by step.

In this book Konaev describes how administration of USSR worked in those times. Instructions came from Moscow and sometimes it was impossible to perform their tasks. Also he mentioned about the Stalin’s Purges. He focused attention that despite USSR errors, we need to remember about the merits of the people.

It is interesting to read his opinion about Jeltoksan 1986 and Temirtau 1959 – manifestations of people.

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