Trilogy of Desire: The Financier, The Titan, The Stoic


American tycoon story, filled with struggle, love and a desire to change the surroundings. Written by novelist Theodore Dreiser.

The most interesting fact about this trilogy is that the story based on real person. His name is Charles Tyson Yerkes (1837-1905). In book his name is Frank Cowperwood. Certainly, this man left his mark in history. Yerkes Observatory at University of Chicago, asteroid 990 Yerkes, crater Yerkes on the Moon. All these objects named after him. Maybe if his life had been a little longer, he would have had time to build a hospital in Bronx, New York (link to article 1906 in New York Times archive). But the main work of his life were tram systems in Chicago and London. You can found lots of information about his projects in city transport system.

His life was filled with great victories and great failures. According to the trilogy and the biography Yerkes was risky man. He was ready to put everything on the line including reputation. Sometimes he lost, scandals have dogged him throughout life.

Trilogy not only about his career and deals. One of the main themes are women. Frank Cowperwood was not Holly man and he was not limited to family values. Therefore sometimes he was in very hard situations. But nothing in his life broke him. He always tried to be dispassionately.

One of the interesting facts is that Theodore Dreiser didn’t finish the last book of trilogy. Theodore died in 1945 and the last book published in 1947 in unfinished form. While reading last chapters, reader can observe that author becomes religious…or it is just my observation.

Also this book shows that big business can be strongly associated with politics. Several times Cowperwood was suspected of corruption and embezzlement of public funds. In this trilogy business and political elite often turned to the help of the media.


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