Martin Eden, White Fang, The Alchemist


I think I should read this books at childhood. But better late than never.

Martin Eden by Jack London

This is a story about a simple working sailor. Martin Eden is the representative of working class, but after a meeting with highly educated Ruth decides to change his lifestyle. Ruth has mutual feelings for Eden. She cannot show her feelings, because her family members want to see as her husband highly educated and rich gentleman. But she started to teach lessons for Eden, she wants to make him more literate. Ruth feels that Eden is mentally very strong person, while men of her surroundings are not.

Eden decided to be a writer, because he listened somewhere that writers can earn lots of money. Nobody supports him at this idea. Ruth also ask him to be more realistic. But he began to write stories and novels. He wants to earn money by intellectual work and to be honorable men as Ruth’s surroundings.

After years of endless attempts and several periods when he couldn’t afford even a meal, he will get there. His books becomes popular and he will not have financial problems anymore. But success didn’t make him happy. He see, that swell society are not society of noble people, that in despite of education and stunning possibilities, person can be foolish, cowardly and lazy. One might even say that Eden lost faith in humanity. He has no more goals in life and he decided to lay hands on himself.

The most interesting in this book, I think that Jack London wrote in this novel about himself. There is version that London made a suicide.


White Fang by Jack London


The story of dog-wolf hybrid called White Fang. Writer does not try to “humanize” animal world. White Fang has limited variety of emotions, but the story is still interesting. I think the main idea of this story is that every living being can have good or evil character according to attitude towards to him. White Fang in this story make several transforms in his behavior. The story has happy end: at the end White Fang succeed “happy dog” life.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


I listened many comments about this book and decided to read this little story. Honestly this book was seemed too simple and uninteresting. Story recalled children’s fairy tales. Sometimes story becomes interesting but denouement is too fantastic and unclear.

The short retelling is that shepherd Santiago decides to make a trip to Africa to find treasure. On his trip he receives harsh lessons of his credulity and foolishness. In spite of this he has strong believing in his dream, so he continue to work hard and make risky decisions to reach his goal. Generally speaking there is no clear understanding of his goal until the end. Santiago receives different types of awards all over the trip.

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