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Today I started new category in my blog. I will try to shortly write content of books I read  and write my opinion about them.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

I think, this book definitely deserves to be the first book I will write about. In 1991 Library of Congress and Book of the Month Club make a opinion poll. According to the result of this research, Bible is number one book, that changed life of respondents. On the second place is “Atlas shrugged” by Ayn Rand (given name: Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum). Her biography is also interesting topic. She was born on 1905 in Saint Petersburg (Russia). Her parents were dentist and pharmacist. Their family owned average sized pharmacy with about 10 workers. But in 1917 after February Revolution (after which USSR was founded) property of her family was confiscated. This revolution made possible to women study in universities. So Alisa graduated Petrograd State University. She moved to the USA in 1926 and was impressed with New York. Her first love Lev Beckerman was shot for speculation (buying and selling goods to get financial profit). Speculation was criminal offense in USSR.

Atlas shrugged is about ideas, which in total confrontation with main ideas in USSR. This book describes role of entrepreneur in society. She writes that government does not need to try solve all problems itself, it should just give people equal rights and opportunities. Most active, intelligent and risky of them will try to build effective business and will solve most of problems in that way. Also this novel teaches to be more independent from others opinion and judgement. Every person should think himself and must not trust anyone blindly. Animals have “tools” like clutches, sharp teeth, powerful muscles, etc. Using them animals survive in wild nature. Human being do not have such tools, but it has one instrument of higher level. This is brain. Ayn advises do not waste such great instrument and use it 100%.

“Atlas shrugged” is one my favourite books. This book helped me to make minds about some aspects of life more structured. “Atlas shrugged” is in the list of the 10 longest novels written in european language, but the novel is interesting… except last part. In the last part of the book author writes ideas of previous parts in strict and direct form.


Soft Skills by John Sonmez


Author of this book John Sonmez writes that this book for software developers, I think this book will be useful for everyone. It is not story of being rich and famous in one day. It is story about long way to the aim day by day, step by step. John writes advises that he learned throughout his life in career, learning, productivity, finance, sport, etc. This book teaches to be hard worker, to perceive routine positively and to set long term plans. But it is not about reaching aims in the the of the life. John writes techniques that helped him to become real estate investor and get retired in 33.

His life story is not example of ideal plan. In 19 he started to earn 75$ an hour. But he wasted money on expensive car and other “toys”. After some time he quit from this job. He reached salary 75$ an hour second time only 10 year later. He made lots of videos for Pluralsight and invest all money into real estate. This is short story of his retirement =)
This book helped me to work hard routinely day by day. Permanence is power. His book was the main reason of creating this blog.

John Sonmez has his own blog ( ) and almost in every post you can find video with him. You can write email him and get a response as letter or as video. I think it is great to be in contact with author of book you read.


Screw It. Let’s Do It by Richard Branson


This book is biography of one of the most famous entrepreneurs of Britain. Richard Branson is very extravagant person, who can dress like woman stewardess after loosing bet. Knighted at Buckingham Palace for “services to entrepreneurship”. His “Virgin Group” has hundreds of companies in different spheres of business.

At school he had learning problems because of dyslexia. In those times this disease was not well known, so teachers thought that he is just lazy student. He tried business from childhood: parrot breeding, growing Christmas trees, etc. You will find lot’s of funny stories in this book. This is main idea of doing business of Richard Branson:

“Remember to have fun. There is no point in being in business if it is not fun”.

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