Why do you need to start freelancing?

We live in global world. World Wide Web is amazing invention, that allows us to communicate with people on the other side of the Earth in just seconds. Thereby guys from all over the world have opportunity to start freelancing.


The first project that I developed for company from another country was done one year ago. Later I was too busy running own little web studio, so I didn’t have time to freelance. But last several months I am active freelancer and I feel myself pretty good.

I’ve prepared 5 reasons to start freelancing.

1. Choose work

Sites for freelancers are like big markets. You can choose any work you want, of course if you make a deal with client. You are no longer limited by local job market. Also you can find part time job or full time job, fixed price project or hourly payed project, low payed job or high payed job.

Actually not only software developers can be freelancer. There are a lot of offers for writers, lawyers, artists, musicians, 3D modeler, etc.

2. Experience

In the world of software developers new paradigms, new techniques, new tools can be shared very fast, but anyway in local software community you can miss some news. During freelancing developer can communicate with lots of people and be in trend.

For example, in my country Kazakhstan, amazon web services are not very popular, but not in the USA. So freelancing pushes us to learn new technologies.

Also I’ve met several teams, where members are from all over the world. They can live in different time zones, but keep work productive. They need to use techniques and tools to effectively communicate each other. Maybe without working with guys from other continents I would not ever use such instruments.

3. Discipline

In freelance there is no boss sitting next to you. You need to have strong discipline to keep working everyday as you do in office. Maybe you will need to start researching yourself to know, when you are most productive, what music helps you keep concentrated, is pomadoro technique useful for you and so on.

I think discipline is one of the most important qualities that helps person to be successful in chosen sphere. So if freelancing helps to be little bit more disciplined, it is great.

4. Language

This point is not for native English speakers.

English is a global language. Ability to listen, write and speak on this language greatly improves person’s opportunities.

For freelancing you have to know English. You can be able to read and write, but not to listen and speak – it is OK. There are a lot of freelancers who work without skype calls for years.

So freelance pushes us to learn this global language and practice it everyday. I think, it is great!

5. Money

I know people who earn in freelance twice more money, than they earned in fulltime office job. But they work really hard.

Freelance is pretty good source of money. You can make it your main financial source or just diversify your income. Anyway it makes you more financially confident.

Also freelancing gives opportunity to earn money in financially rich countries and spend it in cheaper regions. Several years before it was nearly impossible.


It is my 5 five reasons to freelance. Maybe for you reasons will be different.

If you are interested in freelancing, you can start by working pair of hours per day to ensure that you feel comfortable at freelance.

For Russian-speaking people I recommend this blog: jff.name . Yevhenii writes really good posts about freelancing platform Upwork.

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Doszhan Kalibek

  • Sukhrob

    Well done Doszhan! I wish to reach all your goals.

    B.R. Sukhrob,
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