Tutorial: How to create Axis2 web service with IntelliJ IDEA? Part 2: Client side

In this post we will create client project for Axis2 service.

Step 1. Create project
Just create simple console project


Add Axis2 library to project as described in previous post.

Step 2. Generate client side files
Create build.xml file in the root of the project:
<project name="ForAnt" basedir="." default="generate.client">

 <property environment="env"/>
 <property name="build.dir" value="build"/>

 <path id="axis2.classpath">
  <fileset dir="PATH_TO_AXIS2_LIB">
   <include name="*.jar"/>

 <target name="generate.client">
  <taskdef name="wsdl2java"
    output="${build.dir}/resources" />

 <target name="clean">
  <delete dir="${build.dir}"/>

Replace PATH_TO_AXIS2_LIB with real value. Change wsdlfilename attribute value if service WSDL URL is different from mine.

Set build.xml in “Ant Build” and run generate.client. 2 classes should be generated as in screenshot


Copy package generated in build/resources/src to /src folder.

Step 2. Write code
Create CustomeClient class in src directory. Write to class:
public class CustomClient {
 private final static String END_POINT = "http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/CustomService?wsdl";

 public static void main(String[] args) throws RemoteException {

  // create worker. We will send this object
  CustomServiceStub.Worker worker = new CustomServiceStub.Worker();

  // initialize stub, set worker as sending object
  CustomServiceStub stub = new CustomServiceStub(END_POINT);
  CustomServiceStub.GetWorkerWithChangedSalary workerOperation = new CustomServiceStub.GetWorkerWithChangedSalary();

  // send object and receive response
  CustomServiceStub.GetWorkerWithChangedSalaryResponse response = stub.getWorkerWithChangedSalary(workerOperation);
  CustomServiceStub.Worker returnedWorker = response.get_return();

  // print worker to see that salary was changed
  System.out.println("Name: " + returnedWorker.getName());
  System.out.println("Surname: " + returnedWorker.getSurname());
  System.out.println("Position: " + returnedWorker.getPosition());
  System.out.println("Salary: " + returnedWorker.getSalary());


Step 3. Run
Run CustomClient class as console application. Be sure that service created in previous post is running. If you see in console:


then everything is OK.

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